Changing the subscription (account type)

Last updated: 2024-06-28

InvoiceOcean offers several subscription plans:

  • Free plan (allows you to issue up to 3 sales documents per month);
  • Paid Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans with an unlimited number of documents.

Among them, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs as a business owner.

To change the account type (plan):

  1. Go to the Settings > Account Settings > Your Account.
  2. Click the gray button that says Change Account Type.
  3. Choose the subscription you want to activate on your account. If you are changing from a higher to a lower plan, the system may display information that the account plan cannot be selected because the following features are enabled on the account. You must first disable the listed features to make the appropriate change.

If the Free plan is currently selected on the account, there won't be a Change Account Type button. Only a large blue button saying See what our premium accounts offer will appear.


How to extend the current subscription?


If you want to extend your current subscription for another period, click the Pay (extend subscription) button - then the payment path will appear.

Can changing the subscription plan during its use result in the loss of the surplus payment compared to the new plan?
To deduct the paid subscription, you should contact the Support department at InvoiceOcean:

Changing to a lower subscription plan will not result in the loss of the customer database or documents. To deduct the surplus of the paid subscription, please contact the customer support department at InvoiceOcean:




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