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Created: 2016-04-14
Last updated: 2017-07-21
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Obtaining the module

The beta testing period for our module which allows InvoiceOcean to be integrated with Prestashop has ended.
The latest version, version 2.2.9, with lots of new features is now available on the official Prestashop module page, for €69.99.
It can be obtained here:

Updating from an older version

The newest version is 2.0.3. If you're using an older version and want to update it, you must first uninstall the old version and manually remove it from the module list. Only then can you add the new module. Invoices issued from the old version will remain available after updating.

First installation

Make sure that you can access the shop management page before you proceed with this guide. Follow the steps below to install the module in Prestashop 1.6:

1. Go to the 'Modules and services' tab;
2. Select 'Modules and services';
3. Click on 'Add a new module' in the top-right corner;
4. Search for 'InvoiceOcean' and select 'Install' from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side;
5. Ignore all warnings and proceed with the installation;
6. You will see a confirmation message after the installation is completed. Go to the module configuration page and paste your API token into the appropriate field. You can get your API token by going to Settings > Account settings > Integration > API authorization code in your InvoiceOcean account. You should see a 'Save settings' button after you've pasted your code - click it.
7. The InvoiceOcean panel should now be visible.


To uninstall the InvoiceOcean module, simply go to the 'Modules and Services' tab, find the module and click 'Uninstall' from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side. You can then manually remove the module.


  • We recommend that you set the price calculation method to be aligned with the cash register calculation in InvoiceOcean. You can do that by going to Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Calculation methods > Set calculations in accordance with the cash register.
  • You can add discounts to invoices by editing them in InvoiceOcean.
  • Changes made to orders are not synchronized with InvoiceOcean - you have to edit your invoices manually.
  • By default, if you allow your customers to pay on receipt of their order, invoices are marked as 'paid' as soon as a sale is made. To change this, in Prestashop go Orders > Statuses, select 'Processing in progress', click 'Edit' and uncheck 'Set the order as paid'.
  • We recommend that you set a tax rate for every product and that you enable taxes globally.
  • To disable Prestashop's built-in invoicing, in Prestashop go to Orders > Invoices, scroll down to 'Invoice options' and toggle the 'Enable invoices' switch to 'no'.
  • If you use the same product names in Prestashop and InvoiceOcean, InvoiceOcean will automatically update inventory levels in the warehouse module.


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