How to search products through their availability on the Warehouse?

Created: 2018-10-08
Last updated: 2019-12-17
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InvoiceOcean allows you to find out how many products are still on the warehouses you have.
To do so go to: Warehouse > Products, then choose the Warehouse you would like to search through.

Right after you have chosen the warehouse, click ‘more’ button

As a result there are some other fields responsible for the search. Amongst them there is the ‘One time sale (amount)’ field.
Using this you may search through:
  • Show all (search through all of the products that have ever existed on the warehouse);
  • No inventory in warehouse (search through the products that are 0 and below 0 quantity);
  • Available (search through the products above 0 quantity);
  • No limit (search through the products without the ‘Quantitative restrictions’ enabled);
  • More than… (search through the products above the chosen quantity);
  • Fewer than… (search through the products below the chosen quantity).

If you have set up the right search remember to click the ‘Search’ button.



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