Product name and its Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) (how to associate products by its SKU code - not by the ‘Name’ field)

Created: 2019-04-18
Last updated: 2021-11-09
Post view count: 2022

When the account on the InvoiceOcean is integrated with the online selling platform, it allows you to generate invoices from the estimate documents generated on the shop side.
Previously product name on the InvoiceOcean side had to be exactly the same as on the database on the online shop. Only this way guaranteed generating documents with proper product name.
Right now we offer you the possibility to associate products on both sides using the Stock Keeping Unit code (SKU code).

To activate such option, go to Setting > Account settings > Integration > checkbox ‘Associating products based on product code’ > Save.

SKU name no more needed1

In order to implement said product code, go to the ‘Product edit’ section.

SKU name no more needed2

This solution comes handy when integrations with multiple different online shops requires associating single product through the product code, not by its name.

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