How to enable Online AutoPayments?

Created: 2014-06-30
Last updated: 2023-11-03

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InvoiceOcean can be integrated with any portal/website.


In order to add the Online Payment Widget to your portal, take the following steps:

1. Enable Auto Payments in Settings > Account settings > Auto Payments.

2. Add at least one payment provider in Settings > Online payments, such as Bank Transfer or PayPal.

3. Edit the product you wish to sell online, go to Auto Payments and check Online sales.

4. Paste the javascript generated code on your website.


Clients are now able to to fill out a payment form and pay for your products online. After payment is received, the system automatically generates an invoice, all without any human interference. 


The default payment form contains basic contact details. In order to have additional fields, go to (Warehouse) > Products > Edit product > Auto Payments > Format of payment > Selected entries and select those fields you wish to appear.



In order to configure more advanced Online Payment Widget options, check the Advanced field. 

advanced autopayments

Here you can change the description of the fields and use many possible variables, such as:

{{promocode}}, {{first_name}}, {{last_name}}, {{email}}, {{phone}}, {{post_code}}, {{city}}, {{street}}, {{country}}, {{comment}}, {{quantity}}, {{invoice_name}}, {{invoice_tax_no}}, {{invoice_post_code}}, {{invoice_city}}, {{invoice_street}}, {{invoice_country}}, {{invoice_comment}}, {{price}}, {{provider}}, {{generate_invoice}},


You can also create your own fields: {{field1}}, {{field2}}, {{field3}}, {{field4}}, {{field5}}

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