How to add some variables (ex. day, month, year) into the invoice item list on recurring invoices?

Created: 2017-05-05
Last updated: 2017-05-05
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If you want to add some variables (ex. day, month, year), you must make some activities, step by step, in InvoiceOcean account:

  1. Firstly, you have to issue a proforma invoice. It is the invoice that will be treated as a base from which everything starts (Income > Proforma Invoice > Add new). While issuing an proforma invoice, in “Invoice items”, you may add variables like: {{year}}   {{day}}   {{month}}  {{previous_month}}   {{next_month}} {{month_in_words}}  {{previous_month_in_words}}   {{next_month_in_words}}  {{month+1}} {{month+2}} {{month+3}} ... {{month+11}} {{month_in_words+1}} {{month_in_words+2}} ... {{month_in_words+11}}

    There are also brand new variables, that could help to describe a month parameters, at the turn of the year: {{next_month_year}} and {{previous_month_year}}

  2. Said variables, might be inserted in “Notes” section, whilst issuing an proforma invoice.

  3. Basing on the said proforma invoice, you must issue a recurring invoice: More option > Set reccuring.

  4. When all essential settings are set up, save the document. Afterwards, mark the checkbox “Issue VAT invoices” if you want to issue invoices from proforma invoices.

  5. When you want to check if all variables are working properly in recurring invoice, simply set up “First invoice date” on today’s date.


Write down title of the product in Invoice Items section:
Monthly maintaining website service for {{month}}.{{year}}
After that, every next invoice will have adequate service title depending on the monthly date:
Monthly maintaining website service for 03.2017


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