How to customize view of columns on your list of products?

Created: 2017-06-13
Last updated: 2017-08-03
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If you want to personalize the view of columns on the list of products on your InvoiceOcean account, go to Warehouse > Products. Then, choose the menu button at the upper-right side of the monitor - crown wheel with an arrow - click on it, and then choose ‘Customise the column display’.
On the very same window, you are able to choose how many products will be visible on the list page by choosing the ‘Product per page’ option. You may change ‘Default’ amount and choose: 25, 50 or even 100 records.
Of course, you may also select columns that you want to have on your list of products (ex. Product code, Sold, Available, etc.).
You can also select the brand new column - ‘Net purchase price’. By doing so, you may display in your product list the information about product in its net purchase price.

Please always remember to click on ‘Save’ button to approve changes.
What is more, InvoiceOcean offers allows you to customize your list of Warehouse documents.


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