Import of partial payments and overpayments

Created: 2021-07-05
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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In the system you can find the option Import Bank Statement, where the system automatically, based on data from a file, creates individual payments in the Payments tab.
Created payments are assigned to specific invoices, which results in changing the status of invoices to Paid.
One of the parameters that affects the correct assignment of payments to the relevant invoices is the amount of the transaction. With the default account settings, the amount must match to the values of pennies.

There is a setting in the system that allows you to automatically assign the payment even though the transaction amount indicates an overpayment or underpayment.

You can activate this option by going to Settings> Account settings> Configuration> Payments> Use partially paid invoices.

partially paid invoices

Checking this box and saving the changes (Save button at the bottom of the page) will cause that from now on, when importing payments from the bank, the program will assign payments to invoices without taking into account the exact amount on the invoice.
This will result in overpayments and partial charges being indicated in the system payments.

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