API authorization code - Where to obtain it?

Created: 2021-08-24
Last updated: 2024-01-05

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The API code (API token) is a type of access key that identifies you as a user of our system in integrations with other platforms. The API code is passed to an external program (e.g., an e-commerce platform) to grant access to your account in InvoiceOcean and enable the external program to send commands (API requests) to InvoiceOcean for performing specified actions in the system. 


With the API authorization code, you can integrate your InvoiceOcean account with the Sugester CRM/Helpdesk system. This allows you to view information about your customers (CRM) in one place and communicate with them (via email, chat, VoIP) while also monitoring transactions conducted with them. 

The authorization code can be found in Settings > Account settings > Integration > API Authorization Code > Show ApiTokens.

After navigating to the API tokens list, you can add another token by clicking the Add New Token button.


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