Helpdesk verification code

Created: 2021-08-31
Last updated: 2024-01-25

There are users of InvoiceOcean who sometimes want to make changes to their accounts which require the Operator's intervention. Such changes include, for example, sending a verification link to an e-mail address or transferring subscription payments between accounts of the same user in InvoiceOcean.

In such cases, the user must be verified by the Operator using the Helpdesk verification code.

To provide the Operator with such a code in e-mail correspondence:

  • Go to the tab with your login name located next to the Settings menu
  • Select My account

my account code
  • Copy the generated Helpdesk verification code
  • Send the code to the Operator
  • If needed, generate another code using the Generate Code button

my account code 2

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