Entering the reverse charge invoice to expenses

Created: 2021-09-14
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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If you want to enter the reverse charge invoice into your costs (the Expenses tab in the system) in such a way that VAT value will be visible both in VAT purchase and VAT sale records, you should properly enter the invoice into the system.
  • When entering the expense, indicate that the invoice is subject to reverse charge.

Reverse charde expenses
  • In the invoice items, enter the net amount from the client’s sales invoice and specify the appropriate VAT rate that applies to you as the Buyer.

Reverse charde expenses 2

The finished invoice looks as follows:

Reverse charde expenses 3

The invoice will be visible in the Registry of VAT sales and Registry of VAT purchases, because as the Purchaser you have the right to both settle and deduct this VAT.

Reverse charde expenses 4

Reverse charde expenses 5

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