Changing the width of columns on the invoice

Created: 2021-09-15
Last updated: 2023-10-23

In order to change any element of the invoice on the printout, go to the Settings> Account settings> Print settings tab, and then at the bottom of the page fill in the field Customize print with CSS with an appropriate CSS code.

To change the width of the columns, use the following codes (values can be modified for your needs):


@media all {    /* this code affects both the printout and online preview of the invoice */

table th.width4.text_left {   /* increases the Item column */
min-width: 157px;
width: 70%;

th.width3,td.width3 {   /* reduces the width of the remaining columns */
min-width: 46px;
width: 10%;

Note! Please remember that the following changes are visible only on the printout or in the PDF generated from the system.

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