Entering variables in the title of an invoice item (e.g. day, month, year) on recurring invoices

Created: 2021-09-15
Last updated: 2023-10-23

To enter variables in the title of an invoice item (e.g., day, month, year) on recurring invoices, follow a few steps:

1) issue a proforma invoice (this will be the base invoice)

2) add the necessary variables to the product name; you can choose from:

  • {{year}} - year,

  • {{day}} - day,

  • {{month}} - month,

  • {{previous_year}} - previous year,

  • {{next_year}} - next year,

  • {{previous_month}} - previous month,

  • {{next_month}} - next month,

  • {{month_in_words}}  - month in words,

  • {{previous_month_in_words}} - previous month in words,

  • {{next_month_in_words}} - następny miesiąc słownie,

  •  {{month+1}}, {{month+2}}, {month+3}} ... -  one/two/three months forward,

  • {{month_in_words+1}}, {{month_in_words+2}}, {{month_in_words+3}} ...  - one/two/three months forward in words,

  • {{month-1}} {{month-2}} {{month-3}} ... - one/two/three months backward, 

  • {{month_in_words-1}} {{month_in_words-2}} ... - one/two/three months backward in words,

There are also new variables that allow you to specify month parameters at the turn of the year: a month forward {{next_month_year}} and a month backward {{previous_month_year}}. The variables that will be issued on the Proforma invoice will appear in the format as above. Only after the next document is generated the variables will be processed by the system.

You can also enter the above variables in the Notes fields and on product cards and descriptions of those products.

3) on the basis of the issued proforma invoice, set the recurring invoice by clicking More options> Set recurring

4) after entering the necessary settings in the recurring invoice, check the box Issue VAT invoices and save it , if you want to create regular recurring invoices from proforma invoices.
If you want to generate recurring invoice right away (for example, to test if the variables work), change the date in the First invoice date field to today’s date. This is because the variables on the proforma invoice form, where they are entered, will not work. Only the issued recurring invoice will have the correct variables.

Proforma variables recurring

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