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Created: 2021-09-27
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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If you use the system - a service for managing, customer service and planning work in your company - you can, in a few steps, make the list of clients from InvoiceOcean and invoices issued to them to be automatically imported into your CRM.

To enable the integration:

  • go to Settings> Account Settings
  • go to the Integration tab
  • go to the Logging in section
  • under Login type select Default
  • Press Save

In order for your InvoiceOcean client database to automatically sync with the one in Sugester (and vice versa), and for all issued invoices in the context of a given client to appear in Sugester as new Interests:

  • log in to your account in Sugester
  • go to the top menu Settings> API and copy the API code
  • log in to your InvoiceOcean account
  • go to Settings> Account settings
  • go to the Integration tab
  • go to the Integrate with Sugester section
  • paste the copied code into the field Sugester API authorization code
  • click the orange Create integration button
  • click the blue Save button

From now on, all changes made to the data of regular and newly added clients in InvoiceOcean will be automatically imported into Sugester and vice versa. Additionally, all new invoices issued to a given client in InvoiceOcean will appear on the client's card in Sugester CRM as new interest.

Keep in mind that - if you're doing a sync for the first time - it's a good idea to use one more option to upload all clients to Sugester:

  • go to Settings> Account Settings
  • go to the Integration tab
  • go to Webhooks section
  • under Type, select client:sync
  • under URL, paste
  • under Api token, paste your API token from Sugester
  • click Save

Sugester integration

If you want all your invoices in your InvoiceOcean account to appear as Interests in Sugester - please send this request to the Sugester support at

If you already have a separate account in Sugester and InvoiceOcean and you want to merge them, also email the Sugester support at

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