How to change seller/department data on an invoice

Created: 2021-09-27
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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In order to change seller’s data quickly and without mistakes, the departments must be entered beforehand. To do this, go to Settings> Company / department and select the appropriate button: Add new department, Add new company or Add new bank account.

department company bank

Once you choose and save one of the above options, you will have access to several departments.

To change the department on the new document you want to generate, follow these steps:

1. Issue a new document, and then press the Edit button located under the Seller details.

department company bank 3

2. Then select the appropriate department from the options that are prompted (you can also change them manually in the field below).
If you want to select a Department that has already been entered previously, select the window with the abbreviated company name and then expand it and select the appropriate Department.

department company bank 2

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