Transaction date on warehouse documents

Last updated: 2021-11-09

When you automatically create a warehouse document for an income or expense invoice, the sale date on the document format coincides with the invoice sale date.
When creating AG and RG documents manually, such date should be filled in manually.
This field is needed to indicate the rate of conversion of the purchase prices from AG documents to the main currency on the RG document.
The program uses the exchange rate from the day preceding the date of unloading the goods. In our system, such date is set in the field Transaction date on individual documents, e.g. Acceptance of goods (AG).

Transaction date

The sale date on the AG document is not the same as the sale date on the RG document or the same date on the sales invoice. This means that sales dates on documents on the income side do not affect currency conversion of purchase prices from AG documents.
This solution is very useful when you issue products on the RG document that you have entered into the warehouse with several AG documents with different sale dates.
The bank from which the exchange rate is taken can be selected in the main program settings under Exchange rate options

Transaction date 2



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