Access for your accountant - link with invitation

Created: 2021-10-05
Last updated: 2024-06-11

In each of the subscription plans in the system, the User with the account owner status has the possibility to add one User to the system with the accountant privileges.
One User with such privileges does not affect the limit on the number of Users for the entire account.

If you want to give your accountant access to your account at InvoiceOcean, go to Settings> Accountant access.

Accountant access

The system will display a window Grant access for your accountant.

In this window, enter the e-mail address for the accountant to log in to and also the subject and content of the correspondence.  After completing the form, send the invitation using the Send button.

Accountant access 2

A correspondence with the following content will be sent to the Accountant's mailbox. The correspondence will contain a link to log into the User's InvoiceOcean account.

Accountant access 4

After clicking on the link, the Accountant will go to the login page.
After logging in, the Accountant should have access to the invoices on their Client’s account.

Accountant access 3

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