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Created: 2021-10-15
Last updated: 2021-11-12

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InvoiceOcean offers you the possibility of customising your own e-mail footer with graphical elements. You can write your own footer using html.

You can paste the ready html code into the footer by going to Settings> Account settings> Invoice sending> Sending an invoice by e-mail, or you can use a free signature generator. In case of the second option, you don’t need to know any html language and this article is devoted to this option.

If you are using your own email templates make sure to include the {{footer}} code like below at the end of the email template


If you use a custom email template for unpaid invoices, paste the {{{footer}}} code at the end of the message, similar to the previous example. If these codes are missing, the footer will not be loaded into the invoice.

Once the invoice templates are set up correctly, you can move on to creating your own graphical email footer.

To do so, visit the Free E-mail Signature Template Generator by HubSpot
After clicking the link, you will see the generator menu shown in the graphic below:

stopka footer strona menu

1. Uncheck Created with HubSpot. If you leave this box checked, the HubSpot generator ad will appear in the footer.
2. Select a layout for the footer elements.
3. Enter data for the footer.
4. Choose frame and text colors.
5. Add your profile picture and company logo. The photo and logo should be previously uploaded to the cloud (e.g. to Google Drive, OneDrive - it can be any website where the photo is uploaded). Paste the photo url in the appropriate fields. The file size should not exceed 3 MB.

Once all the fields have been filled in, simply confirm the footer with the Create Signature button. You will be taken to a new page where you should copy the source code using the Copy Signature Source Code button.

Now all you have to do is to go to Settings> Account settings> Invoice sending> Sending an invoice by e-mail and paste the code into the Email footer field. After saving the changes the new footer should be visible in the message you send.
Please test this function before sending emails to your clients.

NOTE: An invoice sent from a mobile phone using a dedicated InvoiceOcean application will not display the footer correctly.

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