Sharing an Invoice

Created: 2017-10-09
Last updated: 2021-11-09

While issuing an invoice is the default way for using the software, we do understand that there are instances in which it is easier to quickly share a link for an invoice.

Each invoice generated by the system is granted its own unique link, which can be shared with clients, users, accountants or anyone you would wish to show the invoice to.

To be able to share a link to the invoice, the invoice must first be created or already exist in the system.

To create a link to an invoice:

1. Go to Income> Invoice
2. Click on the invoice you wish to generate a link for

Sharing invoice

3. From the Invoice tab navigate to Export
Click on the drop-down menu and hit Preview link

Sharing invoice2

5. You will be taken to a new tab automatically, where you can view the invoice
Copy the URL (hyperlink) and send it to whomever you wish

Sharing invoice3

You can also copy the link to the invoice by clicking on the symbol next to the Preview link function described above. The link will be copied without previewing the invoice in a new window.

Preview link URL


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