Autopayments and Pay Online button with Braintree integration

Created: 2015-09-02
Last updated: 2024-06-12

You can simplify and improve the invoice payment process, by implementing the "Pay online" button on your documents and get paid with Braintree! You can also receive automatic payments for Internet-related services. You simply need to configure the product and enter the generated code on your website.

In order to integrate your Braintree account with InvoiceOcean you first need to take a few steps in the Braintree panel.



Next, copy the Braintree API codes to InvoiceOcean by going to Settings > Online payments.

There are 3 possible starting points for Autopayments:
  1. on your invoice - when the customer receives an invoice and clicks "Pay". After payment is received, the invoice changes its status to "paid". (more)
  2. on your Proforma invoice - when the customer receives an invoice and clicks "Pay". After payment is received, the system generates an invoice which is automatically sent to that customer. (more)
  3. on your website - when you are selling a product or service. After payment is received, the customer automatically receives an invoice (more)
After making payments, it is possible to call the API.

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