How to block off product’s release by using ‘Release of goods (RG)’ Warehouse document

Created: 2017-12-11
Last updated: 2021-11-09
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InvoiceOcean offers you a possibility to forbid release of the products that are on the RG document, when your warehouse does not cover the requested quantity that you want to sell.
To activate said option, go to Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Products. Then mark the ‘Do not allow issuing a warehouse document for products that are not in storage’ checkbox and click on ‘Save’ button.

‘Release of goods (RG)

Be aware that said option will only work with enabled option: ‘Quantitative restrictions (warehouse)’ on the Products’ card.

While issuing invoices via API, said restrictions will not take place. Perfect example of this situation is when online shops have integration with the InvoiceOcean through API code. Therefore, you have to manage warehouse stocks separately in the InvoiceOcean as well as on the online shop.

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