How to enable bank transfers on documents in InvoiceOcean

Created: 2023-11-22
Last updated: 2023-11-22

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Online transfers are one of the most commonly chosen methods of non-cash payments. With this payment method, your customers can settle the invoice by providing the transfer details you specify in online banking. In this entry, you will learn how to activate this payment method in InvoiceOcean as part of the Auto payments feature.

How to enable bank transfer integration with InvoiceOcean:

1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Your Account tab and in the Online Payments section, check the checkbox next to the Auto payments option. Save the changes.
2. Then, go to the Settings > Online Payments tab and enable the Bank Transfer payment option.

3. In the Description shown to customer (account number, bank) field, you will see a sample text that will be displayed to your customer if they use the Pay online button on the invoice. Fill in the dotted spaces with your information or create your own content and save the changes.
4. In the top right corner of the invoice, a button will appear that will redirect your contractor to the payment.

5. After clicking the Pay online button, the system will open a page displaying the document number, amount, and buyer's details. To generate the payment, click the Go to payment button.

6. The system will display the transfer details according to the template you have set in the Settings > Online Payments > Bank Transfer tab.

7. The system will read information such as the document name and number, account number, transfer title, and amount based on variables from the document and seller's data

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