Continuous Document Numbering

Created: 2023-11-22
Last updated: 2023-11-22

In InvoiceOcean, you can have an impact on how your documents are numbered.

One of the numbering options that you can set up in the system is the ability to maintain absolute continuity in numbering. This means that at the beginning of the new year, the numbering will not start from number 1 but will continue. What does it look like in practice? If the invoice issued on the last day of the previous year has the number 234, the first invoice issued in the new year will have the number 235. This feature is particularly useful when your numbering format does not include the year "yyyy" - it prevents invoice duplication.

To set this option on your account, go to the Settings > Account Settings > Documents numbering menu and check the Continuous Document Numbering box:

Note: Continuous numbering will not work for numbering formats that use daily 'nr-d' or monthly 'nr-m' numbering

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