Sending invoices by email

Created: 2023-11-27
Last updated: 2023-11-27

When sending an invoice from the InvoiceOcean system, you can define the content of the email message to which the document will be attached. The content can be defined globally for the entire account (then every message will have the same content) or individually by editing the message content during sending.

Email content with the invoice


To edit the content from the account settings, go to the Settings > Account Settings > Invoice Sending, and in the field Sending an invoice by email, define the message content.

When creating a message, you can use variables, which you will find on the list below the message content field. To display the full list, click the Help button


Detailed description of where to set the option to create your own email template can be found in a dedicated entry: custom content in emails sent to clients.

Sending an invoice by email

The form used to send invoices in the form of email correspondence is activated when you use the Send button in the submenu of the invoice preview. On this form, you will find fields such as: Sender, Email, Copy to, Subject, Content


Below the message content window, you will find a checkbox Attach invoice in PDF,  upon selecting which, along with the correspondence, the Client will receive the invoice in a PDF file as an attachment. This field is optional. If you do not check it, the recipient will only receive a link to preview the document (if included in the email message content, using the variable {{{view_link}}}). From the preview, they can download the document in PDF format themselves.

NOTE: You can send the invoice to a maximum of 5 email addresses


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