Automatic update of purchase prices in the product card

Created: 2023-11-28
Last updated: 2023-11-28

While using the warehouse module, you can decide how your product prices will be updated. You can choose the option of manually updating purchase prices in the product card or enable the option where prices will be automatically updated based on Acceptance of goods documents (AG).

To enable the automatic update of prices, go to the Settings > Account Settings > Configuration > Warehouses > Automatic update the purchase price in the product's card.


Observe that the setting offers 3 choices:

  • Empty field
  • Oldest
  • Newest

If you choose to update product prices based on the "newest," when you input a product into stock with a new purchase price, it will immediately replace the existing price in the product card.

If you set the option to "oldest," the system will select and display the oldest product price (according to the FIFO queue) available in the warehouse entry documents (AG, II).

Leaving the field empty means that the update of purchase prices in the product card will only be possible through manual editing of the product card.

Note: This option applies to both manually issued Acceptance of goods documents (AG) and automatically generated AG documents for cost invoices (when the option for automatic creation of warehouse documents for cost invoices is enabled).

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