Additional discount field or additional column in the invoice

Created: 2024-01-23
Last updated: 2024-01-23

When issuing the document, you can use additional fields that you can add to the invoice. For example, the discount column or the field with additional information necessary for your documents. The fields are located next to the invoice item table, and from this level, you can easily activate and deactivate them.

Column for additional information

An additional field in the invoice items means that you can fill it in with any text and change its name. To make the Additional entry on the invoice field appear on the invoice, press the visible button Add in the upper right corner of the item's table. An additional column will appear, and the "add" button will change to "hide". To illustrate, we have activated and named this field "Test entry" from Configuration > Invoices and documents > Additional entry on the invoice. The column will appear as follows:


The Discount field is used to add a discount to invoice items. The values that can be entered in the field are numeric values, meaning by default, the percentage value of the discount. To make the Discount field appear on the invoice, press the button add discount in the upper right corner of the item's table. The discount column will appear, and the "add discount" button will change to "hide discount". The discount added to the document can be entered as a percentage discount or as a discount amount. This field is activated from Settings > Ways of calculation > How to calculate discount > ability to change the discount type in document editor. Then it will appear as follows on the invoice:


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