Price lists: calculate the price based on the discount percentage

Created: 2024-04-22
Last updated: 2024-04-22

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Price lists allow you to establish individual sales prices for a customer or group of customers who meet specific conditions, such as having a loyalty card or signing up for a newsletter to receive a discount. When creating such a price list, you can preassign a specific percentage discount for each product. In this article, you will learn how to calculate the price with a percentage discount within a price list.

Price lists - Calculate the price based on the discount percentage 

To calculate the sales price based on a discount percentage in a price list:

1. Go to the Warehouse tab > Price lists, and then use the Add New Price list button;


2. Fill in the Name, Currency, and Comments fields; 
3. use the + button to add items in the price list;
4. in the Product field, start typing the product name, and the system will suggest the most relevant items from the product database;
5. check the checkbox next to the Calculate the price based on the discount percentage option and enter the discount value in the Discount percentage field;

6. Save the price list by clicking the Create button.

You can assign this created price list to a specific customer or group of customers who meet certain conditions for discount eligibility. This way, the system will automatically suggest the sales prices set in the price list when creating sales documents.

For more information about price lists and how to assign them to customers, please read this article.

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