Payment import. Partial payment and overpayment.

Created: 2018-08-10
Last updated: 2021-11-09
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InvoiceOcean allows you to enable the extra option regarding the import of the bank statement. This option is responsible for connecting the payment with the invoice in semi-automatic way.
If the payment is correct, after the import of said statement, system will change the status of the invoice, from (i.e.) ‘issued’ into ‘paid’.

The amount is one of many parameters that are responsible for proper payment ascription. Up till now the payment had to be very exact, no partial payment or overpayment might have been considered.

InvoiceOcean allows you to connect the payment with the correct invoice, even if the amount is incorrect. To do so, go to Setting > Account settings > Configuration > Payments > checkbox ‘Use partially paid invoices’ > Save.

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Since that option is enabled, every import of the bank payment will be matching directly with the invoice without the price parameter.
It will show the overpayment as well as partial payment in Payments section.

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