How to search throughout the invoices with and without the ‘Exact search’ option enabled

Created: 2018-10-05
Last updated: 2018-10-05
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InvoiceOcean allows you to search throughout all of your invoices (Income > Invoice).
You may narrow any search using i.e. the ‘Enter keyword or number’ field.

The ‘Enter keyword or number’ field is responsible for searching in fields like:
  • number of the document (up to 50 first items);
  • VAT ID (up to 20 f. i.);
  • Recipient (up to 90 f. i.);
  • Name and surname of the Recipient (up to 25 f. i.);
  • Seller (up to 30 f. i.);
  • First position - only if there is just this one (up to 30 f. i.);
  • Estimate number (up to 25 f. i.);
  • Correspondence address (up to 45 f. i.);
  • Gross/net price of the invoice.

Additionally, when you mark the checkbox 'Exact search',

system will search through extra fields like:
  • Notes;
  • Additional note (in the Buyer's section);
  • Position's name;
  • Product's code.


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