Generating postal orders for documents

Created: 2018-12-14
Last updated: 2021-11-09
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InvoiceOcean allows you to generate a postal order right from the invoice performed on the account.
To activate said option, go to: Settings > Account settings > Print settings > checkbox ‘Generate postal orders for documents’ > Save.

postal order1

This option regards both kinds of documents - ‘Income’ and ‘Expenses’.
You may print it out as well as add to the invoice as a attachment.
To print out a postal order go to the preview of the document, then click Print > Print postal order.

postal order2

As a result you will receive a PDF file like the example below:

postal order3
This postal order could be attached to the invoice by marking the ‘Attach postal order’ in the ‘Sending invoices by e-mail’ section:

postal order4

When your invoice has been partially paid, and adequate information on the document would appear in the ‘Paid’ section, the postal order will generate only with the amount from the ‘Total due’ section.

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