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Created: 2016-06-21
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With our program you can issue the following documents:
  • Invoice,
  • Proforma Invoice,
  • Prepayment and Final Invoice,
  • Foreign invoice,
  • Correction note,
  • Credit note,
  • Accounting note,
  • Client order,
  • Estimate,
  • Receipt,
  • Cash in,
  • Cash out,
  • Expenses
In order to choose the documents you need, go to Settings > Account settings > Your account > Additional documents to issue



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Khek Narin
Please help add Debit Note

2017-03-18 15:49

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Has the answer   Hello,

you may add Debit Note document as a "Not accounting document (custom name)".
To do so go to: Settings > account settings > Print settings > Not accounting document (custom name) > [name it "Debit Note"] > Save.


2017-03-21 11:07

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