SMS notifications / integration

Created: 2019-02-20
Last updated: 2019-02-27

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In order to integrate SMS API with InvoiceOcean, which allows you to send automatically SMS notifications to your clients, first you need to take a few steps:
  1. Create account in SMSAPI.
  2. Copy the login/email in SMSAPI panel.

  3. Copy API password in MD5 on SMSAPI panel.

4. Go to menu Settings>Account settings>Integration and mark the chceckbox "Enable" in SMS API integration. Input the login/email and MD5 password from SMSAPI.

Then go to Settings>Account settings>Invoice sending> SMS.

Mark the checkboxes: Send an SMS notification when invoice payment date is due and Send SMS notification if the invoice payment date has passed.

You can use the same variables for invoices on the field for SMS content, which you use on the field for e-mail content.

List of variables you can find when you click icon Help below the field for e-mail content.


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