How to assign a default tax to a client?

Created: 2016-08-18
Last updated: 2024-01-25

In InvoiceOcean, there is an option to assign a tax to a specific client. Thanks to this feature, we can easily assign the appropriate VAT rates to contractors. This allows the system to remember the default tax that will apply only to a specific client, regardless of the tax assigned on the product card.

The default rate in the client card takes priority over the rates specified on the product card.

How to assign a default tax to a client?

To assign a default tax to a client you need to select the Clients tab from the top menu. Depending on your needs, choose the previously created client (cogwheel on the right > Edit) or add a new one (left side panel Add new client)

From the customer card, expand the See more options tab.

Then, look for the Default tax section. In the field, enter the tax that should apply to that specific client. Save the changes by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

From the moment you assign a default tax to a client, on the issued documents, when adding a product, the value in the tax field will automatically change to the one assigned to that client.

For example: if the product itself, in the product card, has a VAT rate of 23%, when creating a new invoice and adding a client with an assigned VAT rate of 7%, all products added will automatically have the tax rate specified in that client's card.



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