Sending invoices to multiple email addresses

Created: 2014-04-01
Last updated: 2020-06-12

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InvoiceOcean enables its users to send invoices to multiple addresses.

If you are requested to send an invoice to for instance the accounting department and the client themselves you can easily do so by entering their email addresses separated by a comma.

For instance;,,

This can be done after clicking send on the invoice.



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Le Tuan Thanh
I want transfer 50,000.00 usd to account 0071001252603 for Vietcombank Vietnam

2020-06-10 18:58

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Has the answer   Hello,
you are contacting the wrong company, InvoiceOcean is a software for issuing your own invoices, you cannot make a bank transfer using our system.
I would also suggest to not post bank account details on online forums. You can delete the comment after logging in.

Best regards,
Kacper Seta

2020-06-12 09:53

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