Block the option to edit, delete and add documents from previous months

Created: 2014-04-01
Last updated: 2021-11-09

Using InvoiceOcean, you can block the ability to add, edit and delete documents and invoices issued prior to a certain date. In order to do so, go to Settings> Account Settings> Configuration> Invoices and Documents> Invoice lock created prior to the date of and insert the date of your choice.

lock date change

If your accountant has access to your account, only they can change this date to an earlier date, so they have control over when they can "close the month".

This option also works in the module for accounting offices. If you manage your clients this way and want to set the lock:

  • go to the Accounting Office module on the home page 
  • select the Supported companies category

lock date change 3

  • check the box next to the selected account or company name
  • press the button Change the blockage date, which will appear after a moment
  • make a selection of the date convenient for you
  • press the Save button

lock date change 2

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