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Multiple companies / departments

Last updated: 2021-11-09

You may add a new company or department to your account by going Settings > Company / departments > Add new company or add new department.

multiple departments

When it comes handy to add a new department:

  • If you want to perform a report for different departments as well as the summary report including all, partial departments;
  • You may forbid access to the selected departments for some of your colleague users;
  • Some of the departments may relate to a different subdivision (City/production section/etc.). In conclusion, each department may need separate theme in the numbering section;
  • If you have to use many different bank accounts (i.e. you generate sales in different currencies), it is easier to generate a brand new department with the same data, except the bank account number and the ‘Short name’. You use the ‘Short name’ to choose from the department on your InvoiceOcean’s account;
  • Each depertment could have its own logo/stamp and, in some pricing plans, even customised invoice print templates.

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If the department has a different Tax ID then it becomes a new separate company.

Companies or departments under one account

If you are adding a new company or department under one account, then all clients and products are mutual. In every account type you may add an unlimited amount of departments, however separate companies may be added from the Professional plan and onwards.

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Separate department numbering

You may choose whether you wish to have separate numbering for each department. However, within one account, the software does not allow you to have two invoices with the same number per year. If you want to have separate numbering, it is best to add a letter or number that defines the department at the very beginning. That way every department will have separate numbering.


Companies as separate accounts

For every account you can add a new company as a separate account (they have different client and product base and are separately paid). Go to Settings > Company / departments > Add new company > Add company (via new account).

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After adding a new company you can manage it using the same login and password, as well as switch between them easily.




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