New payment - Try to match automatically

Created: 2014-04-14
Last updated: 2024-03-19

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InvoiceOcean allows you to add payments based on a payment file downloaded from the bank as well as manually. The system will attempt to automatically match each payment to a document. If the invoice number is used in the transfer title, the payment will be automatically matched to it. The same applies to payments added manually through the Payments tab. In this post, you will learn where the option to Try to match automatically is available in the payment adding form.

New payment - Try to match automatically

To add a payment that the system will attempt to match automatically:

1. Go to the Payments tab, then from the panel on the left, click the New payment button, 

2. Fill in the required fields, Name (it's best to enter the document number as the name of the payment) and the Amount

3. Add the Payment date and Payment method, and optionally fill in the payment Description.

4. Expand the See more options section for the system to display additional options (if the options are expanded, the name Hide additional options will appear).

5. In this section, there is a checkbox Try to match automatically, which is checked by default.

6. If you click the Save button, the system will attempt to match the payment automatically (choosing the Save and match option will make the system attempt to link the payment and additionally display a window where this information will be visible; if the payment does not match automatically, at this step, you will be able to link it manually).

If when using the Save option the system doesn't find a document to match the payment with, you will be able to do it manually.

From the preview of the created payment, next to the Invoice option, you will see the phrase Match. Clicking on it will display a window with a list of documents that you can link to the payment.

The option to import payments based on a file downloaded from the bank is available by going to Settings > Import > Import Bank Statement. You should select the form of payment from the appropriate bank from the dropdown menu and follow the instructions.

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