How to integrate your PayPal account?

Created: 2014-04-29
Last updated: 2016-03-03

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In order to integrate your PayPal account with InvoiceOcean you first need to take a few steps in the PayPal panel.

To begin with, enable the express checkout feature (buttons you need to click on are marked green):

... enter your company data:


PayPal API Access

API access can be enabled from the Profile menu. The correct API and InvoiceOcean integration requires the following steps:

1. Go to My Account > Profile

2. Click on My selling tools  and under Selling online, find API access and click Update.

3. The next page gives you two options. Please select Option 2Request API credentials.

Next, copy the PayPal API codes to InvoiceOcean by going to Settings > Online payments.


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