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How to add a company logo to be visible in the invoice?

Last updated: 2023-12-22

If you want your company logo to appear on your invoice, you can add it in three ways.


The first method of adding a logo takes precedence over the other two. Everything added or edited from the Company/department level is considered more important by the system than what is entered in the Settings > Account Settings tab.

To set the logo within the Company/department settings, go to Settings > Company/department. With the selected department/company, click on the gear icon on the right and choose Edit

In the Documents section, click on Choose file in the Logo section. After clicking, you will have the option to choose a graphic file in .jpg, .bmp, or .png formats. It is advisable to choose a logo with a transparent background that will look good on any template for your invoice. The system automatically optimizes the logo for each template. Remember to ensure that the graphic does not contain unnecessary frames around the actual image.

If you have a file in PDF format, use an online converter to change it to .jpg format.

Once you have selected the desired graphic, Save the changes. If you have multiple departments or companies in the system, repeat the above process for each of them.


If you want to remove the logo, you can easily do so by clicking below the graphic on the box next to the Delete logo label. If you delete the logo, it will also be removed from all previously issued documents.

IMPORTANT! When you remove the old logo and upload a new one, the new logo will appear on all new documents as well as those issued earlier. In this situation, if your company is refreshing, changing its logo, we recommend creating a new department to maintain proper archiving of previously issued documents.


The second method of adding a logo. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Print settings. In the line labeled Invoice logo, press the button Choose file. After making your selection, press the Open button. The logo has been added. To have the logo appear on the invoice, press the Save button. If you want to remove the logo, you can easily do so by clicking below the graphic in the box next to the Delete logo label.


The third method of inserting a logo involves adding an image from the level of the issued invoice. In the upper part of the document preview, a toolbar appears. On its right side, click on the function with the image, Add logo. A folder with files will open. When you choose the desired graphic, click Open. The logo will be added to your invoice. To edit or remove it, click the button with the image on the toolbar, which is now called Edit/remove logo. In this case, the system will redirect you to the Print settings or Company/department Edit view. In the following steps, proceed according to the recommendations in the first or second step.


It may happen that despite uploading a new logo, the old one is still visible on the invoice.

In that case, go to Settings > Company/department and choose the department you are interested in. If the old logo is still visible there, remove it. Remember that department settings take precedence over account settings. This is important when managing multiple departments or companies, where each department or company is represented by a different logo.




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