How to create department and add access to the new users?

Created: 2017-04-07
Last updated: 2017-04-07
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After adding a new department (Settings > Company / deparment > Add new department) there is an option to provide access to this brand new department to our employers/colleagues. To do so, owner of the account has to generate a unique user (Settings > User > Add/invite user). It is similar to How to add access to InvoiceOcean for your accountant?. Afterwards, Account owner has to generate login and password for new user and assign role in the InvoiceOcean system.

This new user may have access to all departments or just for embraced department.
What is more, there is also an option to set different role to the new user, for example “Administrator” or “Accountant”.
Please do remember that as the Account owner, you are always superior to the rest of users on said account.

Also, in this option, all the Clients and Products data are common for all users.
What is important, invoice numbers must not repeat at all.

For extra restrictions for newly added users go to Settings > Account settings > Configuration  


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