How to accept Bitcoin payments?

Created: 2014-08-22
Last updated: 2021-11-09

We are proud to announce that due to BitPay integration, you can now make and receive InvoiceOcean payments in BTC.

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Allowing your clients to make Bitcoin payments for invoices generated with InvoiceOcean is simple and requires no coding skills. Now any Bitcoin user can make payments for InvoiceOcean subscription plans and offer the same payment method for their clients. BitPay integration allows us to contribute to the popularization and increase the confidence in the new method of payment, which is Bitcoin.

In order to allow your clients to pay you in BTC, take these 3 simple steps:


1. Obtain your BitPay API key.

To obtain your BitPay API key, log into your BitPay account. Once you are logged in, go to My account > Settings > API Key.

If you don't have an API key, create it by selecting Add a new API key in the Settings menu.


2. Enable online payments for your products/services.

Enable AutoPayments in Settings > Account settings > Auto Payments.

Go to Products and edit the products you wish to sell online and get paid in BTC and enable Online sales. You will receive a code to insert on your page. 



3. Accept Bitcoin payments in InvoiceOcean.

In order to enable Bitcoin payments in InvoiceOcean, log into your InvoiceOcean account and go to Settings > Online payments > Bitcoins - BitPay. In the BitPay API Key ID enter your key which you earlier obtained. 



Invoices for products that have a configured "Online sales" option will have a "Pay online" button which allows your customers to make quick online payments. Now also in BTC!

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