Associating products with a different name based on product code

Created: 2020-08-20
Last updated: 2021-11-09


In various types of integrations of shop platforms with InvoiceOcean on the basis of creating an invoice from a shop order, there was previously a requirement for the same product name in both websites. 

The products created in the shop order had to have the same name also in InvoiceOcean - only then the program could create an invoice with the correct product.

However, InvoiceOcean has introduced the possibility to associate products in both systems by product code, an identical name is therefore no longer required. 

To activate this function: 

  • go to Settings > Account settings 
  • go to Integration 
  • select the Associating products based on product code checkbox 
  • click Save 


In our system, the relevant product code should be completed on the product card in the Product code field. 

To do this: 
  • go to Warehouse > Products 
  • use the gear wheel, select Edit next to the selected product from the list 
  • enter the product code 
  • click Save 


This type of improvement is useful, for example, in integration with platforms that are based on product SKU codes when combined with products with different names in integrated systems.

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