Cancellation of invoices

Created: 2020-08-26
Last updated: 2020-08-26

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If you want to cancel an invoice that you have issued on, and you can no longer delete it, go to the preview of the invoice to be canceled by clicking on its number. 

Then, in the top panel of the invoice preview, you will find the More options tab and after clicking it you will find the Cancel document tab.



The next step is to enter the reason for canceling the document in the designated window. Remember to save the changes.



After the cancellation of the invoice, the next issued invoice will be automatically assigned with one number higher than the canceled document. 

You cannot revoke the cancellation of an invoice after its approval! 

The canceled invoice will be visible after entering the tab Income > All

If you want to collect the cancelled invoices from a given period on one list, use the side filter Document type and select Canceled invoice.

After clicking the Search button, the program will show only cancelled invoices with appropriate marking. Invoices can also be exported for Accounting, e.g. in pdf or xls file.


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