How to change the identification number type for the seller or buyer?

Created: 2020-11-13
Last updated: 2020-11-13

New types of identification number can be added in Settings> Account settings> Configuration> Dictionaries “Identification numbers”. In this field you can add, for example, PESEL, (German) Steuer-Nr or USt.-Id.-Nr, Company Number or other identification numbers appropriate for the country in which you operate.

To change the identification number for the Seller, go to Settings> Company/department and reedit the selected company/department. We now have different types of identification number to choose from. A new type of identification number is already included in the data when the invoice is issued.

When entering the buyer's data, we can choose the type of the identification number

This option may be useful when issuing intra-community acquisition of goods invoices.


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