Adding a product using a sales invoice

Created: 2020-11-18
Last updated: 2024-02-13

If you want to issue an invoice, and you do not have the goods entered in your product database, you can easily add a product/service to your product database quickly by selecting the option that is located in: Settings > Account settings > Configuration > Products > Products on invoice. Then choose the option Show confirmation checkbox under every item on sales invoices.

After selecting the above option, products that are not yet in our product database will be added to it when saving the invoice on which they will be added for the first time.

You can also block this option by selecting DO NOT automatically attach products from invoice to product database.

Regardless of the selected option, whether or not the products will be added to the database from the invoice level, after selecting the Show confirmation checkbox under every item on sales invoices option, the user will be able to decide, each time when issuing the document by checking the checkbox, whether the product is to be added or not.

sales invoices

sales invoices 2

NOTE: If you are using a warehouse service and the product has not been received with a warehouse document, it will start generating negative states.

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