Suggested products on the invoice item

Created: 2020-11-25
Last updated: 2021-11-09

The product in the system is described by many parameters on the product card.

product codes suggestion

On the invoice item, the product is suggested on the basis of the values:
  • name
  • product code
  • EAN code

product codes suggestion2

The system takes the products from the database that meet the condition: the entered string of characters is contained in the name, code or EAN code of the product.
Then the taken items are sorted using the following scheme:
  •  products whose name is the same as the entered string of characters and there are no more characters are displayed at the top,
  •  products whose name begins with the entered string of characters are next,
  •  products whose name ends with the entered string of characters are next,
  •  other products whose name contains a string of characters or an incomplete string of characters in the middle of a word and also meet the condition of having the given product code or EAN code are next.
Products that contain the same characters and have the same search priority will be prompted alphabetically taking into account further characters characterizing these products.

The number of loaded items is a maximum of 10 (if there are fewer products that meet the conditions, it loads less).
However, if it happens that 11 products have the same level of search, the program will show the first 10 from the list.

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