Promotional codes

Created: 2014-11-21
Last updated: 2015-01-20

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InvoiceOcean lets you apply promotional codes to products which you sell online (learn how to enable Online AutoPayments). 

In order to start using promotional codes go to Products (Warehouse) > Promotional codes > Add new promocode. 

  • Promotional code - here you can type the promotional code that will be used by your clients.
  • Name - this field lets you name your promotional code.
  • Description - here you can describe your promocode.
  • Number of available codes - defines the amount of codes that can be used.
  • How much has been used - this field is useful if, for example, you have previously used the same code and some of them have been used.
  • Date from / date to - lets you set a specific time range in which a code can be used.
  • Active - lets you activate and deactivate the code.
  • Type of discount - you may choose whether you wish your codes to have Percentage or an Amount discount.
  • Discount percent - lets you set the discount percentage.
  • Limited to selected products - if you only want your codes to be used on selected products, you may choose them here. 


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