Own definition of a recurring invoice – without the need to indicate the base invoice

Created: 2021-01-26
Last updated: 2021-11-09

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Apart from the option to create an invoice cycle on the basis of an already created document, the system also offers the option of defining your own parameters of a recurring invoice by selecting particular data from the system into the appropriate fields.
To do this, use the Own definition option.

After entering the menu Income> Recurring Invoices> New Recurring Invoice and selecting the Own definition checkbox, the following fields to fill in will appear:

  • Seller,
  • Client,
  • Due Date,
  • Product,
  • Quantity,
  • Gross Price,
  • Currency.

Own definition

Unlike in the case of assigning a cycle to a specific invoice as it is in the case of the option "Based on invoice", these data can be freely changed by the next invoice sending, without fear of changing the data on the original invoice.

Issuing recurring invoices through your own definition has one more advantage; you can very quickly duplicate a given cycle by clicking the Add similar button.

Add similar

After clicking this button from the level of the current cycle for the client, the program will take you to the tab with the creation of a new cycle with duplicate data. The field with the cycle description will remain empty. Such duplicated data can be freely changed before saving the next cycle of invoices.

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