Own definition of a recurring invoice – without the need to indicate the base invoice

Created: 2021-01-26
Last updated: 2024-04-04

Recurring invoices provide significant convenience, especially when regularly issuing the same invoices to the same clients. The system gives us two options: we can either issue an invoice based on another previously created invoice or create our own invoice template using the Own Definition option. Subsequent recurring invoices will be generated based on this template.

Learn how to create a cycle of invoices based on an existing invoice from the article Recurring Invoice - How to Create a Cycle of Recurring Invoices?

How to create a cycle of invoices based on your Own definition?
Go to Income > Recurring Invoices > New recurring invoice. In the recurring invoice form, check the Own definition option. The following fields will then appear:

Own definition

Seller - here we enter the name of our company that should appear on the invoice. If we have multiple companies added in the program, clicking on the field will display a list of businesses.

Client - this field is where we enter the details of our client. Upon typing the first letter, the system will display a list of suggestions from which we can select the desired person.

Due date - we choose the appropriate deadline from the available options.

Product - we enter the name of the product or service for which we are issuing this invoice. Simply typing the first letter will display a list of suggested options. It is not possible to select more than one item in the product section. If you want to generate a recurring invoice with multiple products, you need to create it based on an existing invoice.

Quantity - we enter the quantity of the specific product.

Gross price - we fill in the gross price, which is the price before tax deduction.

Currency - here we select the currency in which the payment will be made.

To correctly fill in the remaining fields of the recurring invoice, refer to the article Recurring Invoice - How to Create a Cycle of Recurring Invoices?

After filling in all the fields with the appropriate data on which you want the recurring invoices to be generated, click Save and you will get a summary of your cycle.

Add similar

By selecting the Add similar button, the system duplicates the data of the previously created cycle. We are then taken to a new recurring invoice form, with fields pre-filled except for the cycle description. We can freely modify the data before saving the next cycle of invoices.

The added value of creating your Own definition is that you can freely change the data before sending the next invoice, without fear of altering the data on the original invoice. This is different from assigning the cycle to a specific invoice (option: Based on invoice).

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