Separate numbering of invoices for different departments

Created: 2021-01-26
Last updated: 2021-11-09

In InvoiceOcean you can select separate numbering for invoices from each department.

To do this:

  • go to Settings> Company /department,
  • press the Add new department button or edit the one that already exists;
  • check the Separate invoice numbering for this department / company checkbox.

separate invoice numbering

Remember, however, that the system does not allow you to issue two documents with the same number in a given year.

The same is true for two departments with one document numbering - these numbers will be generated interchangeably. Therefore, if you choose separate numbering for different departments, set it so that in your account invoices do not have the same number. You can get it by adding, for example, different letters at the beginning of the invoice numbering format - for the first department "Anr/yyyy”, for the second “Bnr/yyyy”.

However, if you want different departments (companies) to have the same numbering, create a separate, connected account for this purpose.

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