Product descriptions on the invoice items

Created: 2021-01-27
Last updated: 2023-12-06

Defining a product in the system allows you to add a description that will be displayed on the invoice.

To create a product, go to the Warehouses/Products > Products tab and use the Add new Product button. Next, specify the product's name, its prices, and description

When you want the description to be visible on the invoice after adding such a product, you should first go to the Settings > Account Settings > Configuration > Products tab and check the box for Product description on invoice positions.

After selecting this option and saving the settings, the product will appear on the invoice in this way.


The product description may be invisible on the invoice printout (gray and plain black templates).

To make the product description not appear on the invoice printout, go to the menu SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > PRINT SETTINGS (left menu), and then at the bottom of the page in the Customize print with CSS field, apply the following CSS code:

.item_description {display:none;}

The code must be pasted as the first entry in the Customize print with CSS section.

Adding a product description to warehouse documents is also possible (link to the article)

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